Tweet Nest FAQ

Here’s a list of oft-asked questions related to Tweet Nest.

Why can I only import 3,200 tweets at any one time?

Twitter only makes the last 3,200 tweets per person publicly accessible. This means that you can only import the last 3,200 tweets at any one time—and this is a limitation enforced by Twitter, and has nothing to do with Tweet Nest; it’s just a limitation that every app that uses Twitter data falls victim to. Tweet Nest itself has no limitation—though you can only import 3.2K tweets at any one time, Tweet Nest can store many more than that.

My Favourites page only displays my own tweets/is empty. What’s up with that?

The Favourites page is intended to only have those of your own tweets that you have favourited; this is meant to signify the best tweets you can find in your archive, which means that these are the best/most hilarious/awesome tweets you have ever typed. Your Tweet Nest is about your tweets, and so the favourites section is also focused on that; your tweets. For example, you can go to my favourite tweets to see the ones I am most proud of.

Logging into the maintenance pages asks for username—what’s that?

Simple: Your username is your Twitter screen name. Without the @.

I have a question/issue not mentioned here!

If you ever experience issues, please ask around in the forum. Alternatively, you can send a question over Twitter to @graulund if it’s a simple one.