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November 2010

November 30th, 11:58 PM: Pressing play on the first Christmas song of the year. I am a rebel.

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Winter mornings:
1. Zzzzzzzzz
2. Brrrrrrrrrrr

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Hicksdesign Eventbrite being sarcastic in my face:

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@mortensax Seemed like the only reasonable course of action to me, too.

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I'm 20 and still some bus ticket sellers ask me whether I want an adult ticket. (Which are for 16+.)

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evan Things you go to jail for: copying movies. Things you don't go to jail for: destroying the economy, destroying the Caribbean sea, etc.

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Fighting against my own code.

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Sending off christmas cards from old sites with broken table HTML and images. I love giving my friends that “wtf?” feeling.

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@darrenest The limit is 3200, set by Twitter. No one can do anything about that. And, just use your current username to register.

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azaaza Using femtosecond laser-based cameras, you can see around corners. Like visual echolocation.

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@TheRyanFord The crazy thing is that @cnnbrk is definitely the account with the biggest #nonsensical #hashtag #craze out of those I follow.

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Agent_M Sometimes I see a cool picture and I think, "Man, I should photoshop Vanilla Ice into that."

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Currents tauts: Hpoing i hit the rgight keys,

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Argh. Whenever I try getting to know current political situations better, I always end up giving up with the words “for fuck’s sake”.

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@sneakily1 Hah. Actually, Tweet Nest *syncs* favourites, to allow for easy removal on unfav. And so, it was completely blank on TN, too.

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All my favourite tweets magically returned after disappearing a couple of months ago! Hallelujah!

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@mikkelmarius Yep, no round shapes ’round here.

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@crescentmen It’s the 19th. What time zone do you live in? ;)

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Today: TGIF.

More than ever.

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Eating snowflakes.

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@levifig I gave up reading halfway through. Why, does it get better in the end?!

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The scariest thing I’ve read today.

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@Kahrzdn Aha, så hvis man lettere kan se, at folk retweeter ens tweet, ville der være en grund mindre til at benytte den gamle metode?

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dakotaryan Me too, pal! ;) RT @graulund I still prefer retweeting the old way, since it's easier to insert libelous, illegitimate or incorrect remarks.

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@PhilHagen @pdenya Honestly, it seems kind of sad there are still apps so outdated. New-style RT support seems like a rarity sometimes. Why?

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@jpenti Which is, coincidentally, the best reason to do anything ever.

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Why does anyone still RT the old way?

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@spiri Der burde være en Public List of Shame for alle sider, der gør sådan noget pis. :(

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danlev Why is a giant Jimmy Wales staring at you on every page of Wikipedia? Science.

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Your Mom jokes: They’re funny ’cause they’re not.

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wemind Today we launch Digital Rehab, a training program that helps get rid of bad email habits.

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I loves me some Lily Furtado on a Monday.

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OH: “I feel like making a 1995-like web page about dolphins for some weird reason.”

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satiritron New: Apple Discontinues Microsoft Windows

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Snakes on a cartesian plane.

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@crescentmen Is it in a subfolder of another webapp, like WP? Been known to cause problems, too.

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Feeling very G-G-G-D-E-C.

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lastfm Scrobbling API 2.0 is live

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@stagen Sjovt. Jeg stødte på en bug i går hvor ingen links fra andre programmer virkede. Genstartede Firefox, og så virkede det igen.

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@supertroels “Could not read license. Please upgrade to Microsoft® Windows® Media Player™ 12 to continue living your life.”

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@crescentmen However, the next version of Tweet Nest will be structured differently and thus the problem might solve itself at that point.

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@crescentmen This particular issue usually has more to do with your server than TN, and thus it’s not certain that I can fix it.

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LaTeX. Can you \begin{figure} it out?

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@MarcusMunch Haha. Tjoooo, han kunne dog måske godt have brugt en lidt mildere metode.

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OH: “I’ll reverse-engineer YOUR MOM!”

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Sometimes I wish the human source code was open instead of scientists having to reverse-engineer the whole thing.

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@AkmalWardak Doesn’t work with older versions of Skype.

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jedsundwall Really impressed by all the badges and other things my friends are unlocking and earning on the Internet! GOOD JOB EVERYONE

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@notecast It’s only for Skype 5 beta for Mac.

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@PeteratSkype There was when I tried to use it with “old” Skype for Mac, but it doesn’t appear with New Skype 5 beta for Mac.

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Just found out there are actually two built-in compact variants of the default Skype 5 chat style. But I haven’t a clue how to use them.

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@stagen Precisely like the old ones. And nope, they aren’t. Have had these for years. :D

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New glasses today! Feels like my vision has been upgraded to Full HD.

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Have the new Skype 5 for Mac? Think the whitespace is just a bit too abundant? Here’s a quick skin that fixes it up.

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Kicked in the stomach by a NullPointerException.

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donohoe The 3200 archival tweet limitation will soon be gone #toreal #timesopen

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@stagen It’s not selective memory. Sometimes I literally forget.

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I never forget what I want to do, but I always forget what I need to do.

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@bramus Looks very cool! :) Let’s hope they get a real thumb URL indeed, I voted the idea up.

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@Zikes I shall celebrate by listening to All Saints! .. wait.

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It’s November 1st and every shopping site on the face of the internet has put up christmas decorations. #fml

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