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December 2010

Caektiems Be sure to check out for their History of Mario marathon to raise money for the Free the Children charity!

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12AM! HAPPY NEW YE— Oh, wait.

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@blitzcraig Only if you manually remove it in the database (`tweets` table).

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jchillerup New years eve? So last year.

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@tmertz indtil videre, men de virker prismæssigt mest målrettet til et lille antal, så det bliver nok ikke dem for evigt

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@peterparkes If that was RFID, then this shirt is way more technologically advanced than I thought. I wonder if it can play music.

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@jchillerup I believe if one continues to write Brainfuck for a long enough time, then there really will be no tomorrow.

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Listening exclusively to music from 2010 now. Getting ready to make my list one of these days.

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Just noticed that I have something that says “REMOVE BEFORE WEARING OR WASHING” inside the shirt I have on. I have no idea how old it is.

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Holidays: When 10 AM seems an early time to get out of bed, and you’d like an hour more.

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@norks Yay! Send me your preferred e-mail address over IM or and I'll add you to my soon-to-be group e-mail! :)

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@sneakily1 @ferarguelles @tmertz @diniscorreia @johanbrook Thanks for the interest! E-mail me at and I'll tell you more.

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Looking for music-passionate people interested in contributing some knowledge/beta-testing a new web service. Is that you? @ me.

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Infinitely close to punching my web server to death.

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WhatIfMrPringle What would you do if Mr. Pringle put on an even larger moustache in response to the haters?

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MeltingIce I think today should be called, International Oh-Right-I-Have-to-do-Work-Today Day

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Fruitful tech puns abound in this hilarious video: “My Blackberry is not working!” —

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Forget Christmas, it’s #followfriday! And you can follow Santa live, right here! (via @boetter)

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Friend and colleague @Soeren_K is helping families who, like him, are stranded on snowed-over Danish island Bornholm.

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@Soeren_K Det' fandme godt gået! Masser af street respekt.

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There’s too many Christmas songs wishing for it to snow, too few saying “Holy crap, it’s ACTUALLY snowing this Christmas.”

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xkcd: If you misuse sudo, you will end up on the naughty list.

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@Soeren_K Tak for katastrofeopdateringerne, keep ’em coming. Alle mulige juletanker fra mig til julehallen på Bornholm.

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I suck so much at reading an analog clock that time has passed once I figure it out.

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shauninman This is Important. Net Neutrality in layman's terms: http://www.theopeninter.... /via @trey

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@chnp101 Have you updated to the newly released 0.8.1 bugfix version?

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@ThrivingKings Thanks for the nice words, I'm glad you enjoy it! :)

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Snow overload this morning. We don't have to dream of a white christmas any more.

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Reloading a page that will never change.

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TheRyanFord If you were digging the service that officially launched four days ago, AOL agreed with you and bought it. Still like it now?

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For every sentence, if you repeat it enough times to yourself, it stops making sense.

Coincidentally, that happens every time I tweet.

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Why is it that I can only really code efficiently at times when I should be sleeping?

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@Soeren_K Sjovt, jeg bliver altid skideglad!

“IKEA?!?! HVOR?!”

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Winter solstice. Just took a walk at 3PM in −7°C, as the sun set.

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tputh 2,870 Gods failed at scaring Gervais

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The new bugfix version 0.8.1 of Tweet Nest is officially out. Upgrade information and download link at

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@riddle If leftmost position determines importance, none of those two keys would be leftmost on a keyboard for OS X.

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cnnbrk Senate votes to repeal ban on gays in military, sends to President Obama

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tigerpixel Daft Punk at Tron premiere.

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ilovetypography Your apps are watching you:

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shauninman Really hate self-promotion. Just focus on making cool stuff, if people think it's cool they'll talk about it for you.

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@mrchisports @korzing Fixed in latest version coming out this weekend.

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@tmertz Yeah, it’s just that I need to not be lazy and actually do it.

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I should really write down the details of my database schemas. Two months pass and I can’t remember the meaning of this one column…

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@bmorgenstjerne Ja, det ser rimelig sweet ud! Simpelt er lækkert!

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@bmorgenstjerne Nice! Ikke noget endnu. Reflekterede netop over hvor meget man egentlig kan få ud af så minimal en setup.

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MitchBartlett Anyone who employs / hires people, please read this and retweet if you can:

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Holidays and programming.

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@levifig Well, if you know how to convert the .htaccess files, then you have support. :)

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lastfm The Best of 2010 are finally here! Find out who the top ten most scrobbled artists really are at

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TrentWalton This is just plain badass- 80s VHS Cover Art:

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@memolane Alright, done that. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. :)

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@memolane Hi! If I browse the beta site with application/json in the HTTP Accept header in my browser I get JSON files instead of your site.

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@lgladdy Yes, it’s on the to-do list for the upcoming next version. :)

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By popular demand, here’s an RSS feed that updates you on new versions of Tweet Nest.

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@Sushubh I’ll set one up soon.

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Hey, European Tweet Nesters! I released Tweet Nest 0.8.1 for testers last night if you feel like bug testing.

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Tweet Nesters, there’s a new 0.8.1 bug fix version out next weekend that you can test right now if you want.

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@coffeetang That’s a bug I’m currently fixing, more info soon. :)

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@jonikorpi I don’t plan to extend scope beyond tweets, no. However, has a broader scope.

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@jeevens Yay! Been to one of their concerts before? They were up here last year, it was awesome!

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Yes, I’m working a bit on Tweet Nest this weekend. If you have bugs/issues that are not on the then please add them!

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nicalis FINALLY! Cave Story to be released in EUROPE on December 10th for 1,000 points. And get Cave Story on DSiWare for 1,000 points today :)

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UI pet peeve: Panels you can open with a hot key, but you have to use the mouse to close them once you’re done.

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Today’s astronomy picture is pretty great.

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NASA New NASA finding changes the fundamental knowledge about what comprises all known life on Earth. [LINK FIXED]

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joinred Today’s World AIDS Day. Tweet #turnred & turn this map of the world (RED). Please RT.

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