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January 2011

I like walking the dog in the night with a cold, contemplating sound in my ears. This synth isn’t arpeggiating, it’s crystalising.

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All in all, Robyn was the most played artist on P3 of the latter half of 2010. Here’s a neat graph of the singles:

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@Androidbruger Godt spottet, der er tilføjet et nu. :)

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@crescentmen No, I haven’t heard about those before. For archiving tweets?

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…and for people exploring that site, you can click on nearly everything to see much more. There’s a LOT of statistics around.

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(A personal favorite)

For you Danes, I just finished a week-long hobby project: A site detailing what’s playing most on national radio P3.

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(A personal favorite)

Sometimes I think the world is so beautiful that I want to savour every moment and never sleep.

Then I remember I’ve been up for 20 hours.

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At Vinnie Who miniconcert! Woohoo!

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Thanks for everything, Tøger. You were an inspiration. :'(

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@Kanonkongen At se dig på P3 webcam med Twitter på skærmen giver en hel ny mening til udtrykket “jeg følger dig på Twitter”.

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@Lord_Dracon There’s a GitHub project @ — involvement is much appreciated!

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@FoxTom Unfortunately not, because that’s something that happens within the iframe. Scripts outside it don’t know if you’ve tweeted.

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@simplebits This is where stereo sound really matters.

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Programming feels a little odd after having just seen Tron: Legacy.

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envatowebdev New #TextMate tips site from @ryanolson -

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KesieV My project of dreams is real: A greasemonkey-fied headless browser from commandline. A plug&play binary for Mac anyone?

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#666: The scariest shade of grey of them all.

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Making a quick tribute to my favourite Danish national radio station in PHP because I’m just that god damn geeky.

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@MeltingIce @cabel And now here it is, too. Hopin’ this solves the issue.

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@Cabel @MeltingIce So that only “$this->mysqli = extension_loaded("mysqli");” is left. Fixed version of db.php on GitHub soon.

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@Cabel @MeltingIce Ah, the dl() issue—heard about that one recently, too. Simply comment out the if(...), keeping the contents :)

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WhatIfMrPringle What would you do if Mr. Pringle was visible in your front yard on Google Maps Street View?

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@travelvice Good question! I think the the Tweet Nest integration on the front page of @GunnarHafdal’s site is pretty cool:

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@luclatulippe Hi! Right now, Tweet Nest only displays the tweets that you have authored or retweeted. So, not currently, no.

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@HerrWulf There is no limit within Tweet Nest, but Twitter API has a 3.2K tweet limit;

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OH: “I stopped following you once you hooked up your garage door opener to Twitter”

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@joshuatly No, Tweet Nest is and will always be about your own tweets.

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smashingmag TweetNest: a browsable, searchable and easily customizable archive and backup of your tweets - (via @s_albrecht)

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Happy monday! Today’s Astronomy Picture — a 24-hour panorama mosaic — is one of the most beautiful ones in a long time.

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@solberg EXACTLY. Only 10 more concerts and I’m a living legend!

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@jacobpackert Yeah, it was a very short clip compared to the 2 minutes the camera guy stood right next to me.

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The 0.5 second glimpse of me on TV @ last friday's Veto concert. What was I doing? Why, taking a picture for Twitter!

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Malarkey — I am @malarkey and I approve this message.

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In the building, right next to #p3guld, watching it on the big screen. #soclose

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Looking forward to paying a visit to the afterparty for Danish music award show P3 Guld tonight!

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WhatIfMrPringle What would you do if Mr. Pringle took you inside and gave you a hot meal, and later roughed you up a little so you wouldn't tell anyone?

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@ianhines Very cool. :) Glad you’re personalising it!

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@jakeprzespo @mikkelmarius @mxcl Thanks guys! Means a lot after all the effort spent.

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@jeevens It’s going very well! I’m on track for adding new alpha testers this week, you’re very much welcome to join :)

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io9 Swine flu gives its survivors supercharged immunity, could create universal flu vaccine

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Well, it’s finally done: My list of best songs & albums in 2010. Check it out and perhaps give some of them a spin.

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Surely, seeing one of the nearby bus routes go in totally random wrong directions for days in a row has got to be a sign of the apocalypse?

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@Caektiems But then suddenly you find out how some tracks sound completely different when listening to only one of the channels.

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Just finished writing my “best music of 2010” blog post. It’s 6100+ words and thus it’ll be safely in the realm of tl;dr when published.

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Get the golden ratio in Spotlight in OS X: Paste (1+1/ a couple of times, then type 1.
The more (1+1/(1+1/, the more precise.

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@stagen Næh, jeg ved det sgu ikke, jeg brokker mig bare :D

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@veto_dk Good thing I just got myself a ticket to the after party earlier.

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@ericf Oh, wow, thanks! I have never heard of this service before.

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@alisey Ah, sounds like the bug that was fixed in 0.8.1 released in December.

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twitter Twitter for Mac launched today as part of the Mac App Store. Read on for more info

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@alisey You can only receive your 3.2K last tweets due to Twitter limitation.

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riddle Attention all hands. We have a 10.6.6 software update on a collision course. Reroute auxiliary power to shields, prepare for Mac App Store.

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This morning, the world is white. A car just drove by without making a single sound.

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Making a personal list of best music of the past year is hard work. I started a couple days ago and I’m still not done writing.

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Today’s Garfield strip is oddly clever in a philosophical manner.

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@mdo Current one is not, but I have one at idea-stage that is — and if everything goes right, it should be more ambitious than Tweet Nest.

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@mdo Glad to hear it! I have a fairly substantial to-do for it, but I’m busy with another albeit equally cool project at the moment. :)

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@ExtraLives Use it to defray marathon costs—you deserve it!

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There’s this great video going viral at the moment about a homeless man with an amazing radio voice.

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iPhone bricked this morning. Scary, but fixed with a simple reset. Must be the solar eclipse.

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deviantART Mark your calendars! DeviantART will be bringing the FUN at SXSW Interactive in March. Stay tuned for additional info. about the dA Lounge!

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@jacobpackert Ikke så vidt jeg ved. Men det kan jo være at jeg ikke følger de rigtige.

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@roncohen Yep, done that. I also managed to spill some of it while walking due to not paying attention. Wooooo!

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Back in uni. It’s way too early and way too cold.

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@mdo Yeah, MySQL has an occasional issue when we query for time difference, where it gets a _crazy_ value. It fixes itself after ≤ 3 days.

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Thoroughly enjoying the @ExtraLives Super Mario marathon for charity. Been going for almost 2 days now, still 1 left!

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maxvoltar My wish for you all in the new year: Find out what you love doing most, work hard to become great at it, find a way to make money with it.

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I'm gonna try to blog more often this yeaZzzzzzzzzzzz

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Started the new year with a random power outage. We’re so stylish.

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