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August 2011

Spent a couple evenings making another rage comic musical. This time: “Party Rock Anthem” Reddit:

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I usually end my jokes with the phrase “shut up, it’s funny!”

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mikkelmarius I need some new challenges so I'm going freelance. (please RT!)

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@j2n4me I look forward to an acoustic album. :(

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@mdo I agree. I’ve actually been working on my second rage comic musical this weekend.

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@mdo Real life ragecomic? “Le” ;)

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@tommybunger What, are you coming here? :D

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There’s beach themed party going on at Google Zurich this Friday, and they made a sandcastle cake.

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Surreal news to wake up to today. Thanks for everything, Steve!

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@jchillerup You can’t do something cool before hipsters existed, because then you yourself would be the hipster. The Hipster Paradox.

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OH: “I just missed an earthquake because I was standing on my bed playing the banjo”

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@driesvints There will be documentation for this at launch—maybe a little bit before.

Until then:

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It’s been a dream of mine for a long time to launch a real, usable music-related site. So I’m very excited about this.

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Hey guys, big news: My project for the past year, the music site @LeadSingle, is launching on Sep 25th. Details:

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I got 99 problems and a fly on my screen *is* one.

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@spiri @marks Zurich trams ( aren’t necessarily Google-related. ;)

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@marks I was thinking the same. But other than one of the fantastically air conditioned newer trams, I have no idea.

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It’s 31°C here at 6 PM, and the weather forecast site says: “Tomorrow is forecast to be *warmer* than today.” Ouch.

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Today: Wonderful day in Zurich. Especially with “Limmatschwimmen” going on, an event where people swim in the river. I took some photos.

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Working on an announcement.

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ckutsko not everyday you go to lunch and see captain america on the street.. #AvengersCLE

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Hah! @Caektiems and I interpreted the “ME GUSTA” face in a film noir style. Image: Reddit link:

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@johjoergensen Få et schweizisk nummer. Så stopper de alle sammen. ;)

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@kristianleth Enig, men det kommer også an på definitionen. 808 er jo både én lang nedtur og en modig udflugt ud i det uvante, genremæssigt.

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Also, time is standing still and the fan is at max. This is it, Adobe finally got to it. #ohsnap

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Here’s my Mac. It’s crashing trying to display the log in screen. I’m impressed.

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fourteenthstar If you are into music journalism/music marketing, drop me a line on -- I've got some VIP invites for LeadSingle !

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Sometimes if I’m late for a train and it’s at the station with the doors open, I avoid going in, so it can leave on time. #swisslife

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aral BBC thinks that photos posted to Twitter are public domain. via @jackschofield @adurdin

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mikkelmarius Heello: A fake Twitter full of fake profiles. Fun!

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@steffentchr You know you’re not supposed to make the entirety of Little Red Ridinghood your password!

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Less than a month left of my time in Zurich. Crazy summer.

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getconverse Welcome to Converse.

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DavidAirey Unless you want your name/photo used for advertising: LinkedIn > Settings > Account > Manage Social Advertising > Uncheck

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shauninman We have lift off! The Last Rocket, an 8-bit puzzle-platformer for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch is out now!

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@TonyScottDK Du er den eneste der ikke er i Skanderborg?

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TheOnion New GOP Strategy Involves Reelecting Obama, Making His Life Even More Miserable

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Back in Zurich and chilling. Here’s a video of the paper longcat we made yesterday —

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We had a cake competition! Here are the two winners:

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At the meet. Shoddy connection. Walking towards the park.

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At the pre-devmeet dinner tonight with the guys.

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Was at a real burger bar tonight in Amsterdam. Yeah, suck it, Zurich.

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gmail New in Gmail Labs: Preview messages in your inbox by enabling the Preview Pane lab:

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I’ll be in Amsterdam this weekend in order to join the European celebrations of the 11th @deviantART birthday on August 7th. Hooray!

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Sun is shining and everyone is so god damn happy. It's an awesome day to be in Switzerland.

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Eating August 1st Bread. Happy Swiss National Day!

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