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September 2011

I’m pretty sure my computer just ended up in limbo. #softwareinception

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chriscoyier Gradient App for OS X is now in open Beta so anyone can download and use it:

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sween Well... the Earth just rotated 360 degrees on its axis. Let’s call it a day.

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‘Stripe’ looks really really cool.

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I just hit 21 today. And I’m not playing Blackjack.

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mortenjust First isometric transit map I've seen. Good for labeling - and dizziness

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@mortenjust Nice! Så mangler vi bare en roteringsmulighed.

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@spiri Du må kun se piratfilm. Aarrrr.

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Films make their way into the Danish iTunes Store for the first time (finally). And on my birthday! Hoorah!

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Films make its way into the Danish iTunes Store for the first time (finally). And on my birthday! Hoorah!

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marcoarment Dear @sorbits: Please withdraw your free upgrade offer for TextMate 2. We want to pay for it.

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leadsingle Coldplay’s “Mylo Xyloto” is the most anticipated release of all time on LeadSingle so far.

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@aaron_pearce No phone-size layout at the moment, no. That’s a big project with cool potential features. But it does look good on a tablet.

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Showcase what you like and anticipate on LeadSingle user pages. Here’s mine.

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leadsingle It’s very important to have an API early on, to make use of the information in our databases. You can get a taste here.

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The content on LeadSingle is a team sport. But editing is easy—I even made a cheesy video guide.

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(A personal favorite)

It’s been over a year of development. Now, my new project @LeadSingle is finally open to the world, in public beta.

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A project announcement from me any moment now…

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A couple hours old photos of the cycling championship. It was nice to watch!

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Having a nice view over the cycling championship today in sunny Copenhagen. What an amazing day.

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BadAstronomer "God thinks satellites are gay." #PoeRobertson

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Almost ready for @LeadSingle launch tomorrow. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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BadAstronomer Faster than light travel discovered? Whoa, pardner, not so fast.

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BBCBreaking Scientists at Cern say they found neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light, 'an unbelievable result'

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I’m convinced that somewhere near me, there is a sith lord force choking my wireless internet access.

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OH: “I don’t use Dropbox, I use Dragbox.”

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A couple of friends and I are debating how to get free food at the uni café. Now we're making the idea a movie called “Ocean’s Canteen”

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The Dane Jakob Fuglsang was in home court, biking to great applause everywhere in Copenhagen.

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Tony Martin won the time trial championship. Here he is, biking incredibly fast out of my photos.

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@boetter Remember to tweet what you’re eating for breakfast! ;)

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Sleep-deprived for a cause.

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BadAstronomer *Stunning* photo of the Milky Way nestled in the wedge of the Himalayas:

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Copenhagen without cars.

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There’s UCI cycling championship in Copenhagen this week. Best joke right now is to point at ordinary bike lanes: “look, championships!”

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Forever alone using Skype: “Yaaaaaay! Someone is talking to me! … Oh. A birthday notification. Okay.”

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“Don’t remember. I mean, don’t forget.”

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One week until @LeadSingle is released. I’m pretty busy.

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@MathieuLF Not in the immediate future.

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@miksago Epic generalisation. Depends on what they’re saying and the mindset of the recipient, no?

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New kind of annoying: Getting shown “Skip Ad”-style ads when clicking an external link on a site.

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@spiri Jeg tror da dem der skruer ind for at finde ud af hvor meget der er optalt endnu er meget glade for den. ;)

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Election day in Denmark. The busses are wearing flags. Today, after/before/during ordinary work or errands, we celebrate democracy.

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@AyameKenoshi Glad to hear it! The team did an excellent job. :D

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ftrain has some of the nicest bits of gradually revealed complexity I've ever seen. Looks simple, incredibly powerful.

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New café at the uni, pretty cool!

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badass_js WOW! IE10 now has CSS gradients, transitions, animations, 3d transforms, text-shadow, flexbox, hyphenation and more!

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In many ways, this is has been a day where with @LeadSingle, shit just got real.

Planning a release party that might actually be big. Wow.

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Really excited to see that Google Flight Search has launched. The main project I was interning on over the summer!

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Caektiems I like it! "A Me Gusta Surprise", another rage comic collaboration between @graulund and I: Enjoy!

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Busy day, been all over the city. @demodag was good; got lots of great reactions to the project! Thanks, guys.

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Gonna be at a @demodag tonight in Copenhagen for the first time, and I’m going to showcase 7 minutes of @LeadSingle stuff! Excited/nervous.

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Agent_M Is four spoonfuls of Nutella too much? #whydoeseverythinghurtandfeelgoodatthesametime

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koefoed Ten years ago a friend of mine missed his plane from Boston to LA. This saved his life.

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@Sushubh @NuckChorris I can’t switch ’cause I’m addicted to the Awesome Bar. :(

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Open Firefox and quit before it loads the page. I’m stuck with a lone “script is unresponsive” message and beach ball. Epitome of Firefox.

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It’s lovely being home again after three and a half months away. And the weather actually doesn’t suck! Yay!

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marks It's @graulund's last night in Zürich. Fucking 14 years old (give or take) and intern at Google. Lots of respect, kiddo!

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London Symphony Orchestra version wins the vote.

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My last day as a summer intern at Google. Playing all sorts of stupid cover versions of “The Final Countdown”. The office loves it. Cough.

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Someone put this on my monitor this morning. Fuck yeah.

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mikkelmarius Shake to undo for Mac OS.

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Here’s @veto_dk rocking out, Swiss style.

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I managed to get wardrobe ticket no. 666. #evilclothes

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Getting ready for a Danish moment in Zurich as I’m going to see the excellent @veto_dk live in local club Abart.

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Gotta love it when a process is using over 350% CPU.

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@jacobpackert Desværre ikke helt. Albummet udkommer den 25. oktober.

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@mortenjust Via — der er en del AJAX calls man kan snuppe

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Currently enjoying the smell of rain.

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@mortenjust @steffentchr Orv—hvis jeg vidste den var så nem at fikse, ville jeg måske ikke lige have lavet

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@densco Clear the Tweet Nest database and reinstall. Sometimes, shit happens.

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@marcoarment Or you could just change the path to the iTunes Music folder in the iTunes settings.

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Last weekend in Zurich.

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@Kiriska I’m caught up with another project so it’ll be a while until I work on TN, but send me the CSV in an email and I’ll put it on todo.

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Was taken to a place tonight in the outskirts of Zurich with all-you-can-eat pizza. Pretty awesome!

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vl So, this just happened:

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