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November 2011

Spotify Say Hello to Spotify Apps!

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I’m so hipster. I was ready to go for lunch several minutes before the mainstream.

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googlemaps Along with Maps 6.0, we also released an interactive website where you can demo many of Maps' best features - try it at

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neiltyson Let's try this again: Stephen Colbert's (out of character) interview with me on higher bandwidth [80min]

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@maxvoltar You would’ve known if you were following them on LeadSingle. — Ahem. A-cough cough. Exsqueeze me.

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@neiltyson This is awesome, but the stream is sloooowwww. This would be great to have on YouTube. Wink wink, nudge nudge.

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neiltyson Just-posted conversation on science & society with StephenColbert - out of character, by the way [80min]

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nicalis Get Cave Story+ on Steam 15% off over the weekend! RT and follow @tyronerodriguez for a chance at free promo codes

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OH: “I like milk and cookies.”
“So you’re just like Santa.”
“Yes, I also like to visit small kids in the night.”

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@Agent_M All fun and games until it self-replicates inside your stomach. Fffffuuuuuuu—

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boetter We're currently looking for new interns to join @wemind - please RT and spread this link:

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@TheRyanFord More like, “I’m going to say something that **might** sound offensive, but is meant good spirited, and/or needs to be said.”

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@shahidsaeed Just clear the database and set up Tweet Nest again.

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Absolute dance party at the @fostertheprople concert

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LavosXII having a deep personal crisis in the ravioli aisle

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@spiri Jeg satte lige min cursor op til samme størrelse og nu kan jeg slet ikke sætte den ned igen—det ser for sejt ud.

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@JPTN I just want to know if it’s something I can prevent. How the code got there could be totally unrelated to the app itself, though.

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@JPTN Really? Do you have an example of that?

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@TrentWalton You can add some early Röyksopp.

(or their latest album “Senior”, which is entirely instrumental.)

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Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson just recently did an Ask Me Anything on Reddit. It’s glorious.

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@paulo_ribeiro Yep. I checked the timestamp for the tweet, and it was 10:11:12 UTC. I think that’s actually even cooler than 3 times 11.

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leadsingle Today, badges rewarding you for your site activity are getting real on LeadSingle.

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@thoughtwax Nice! Pretty overcast here, but moon conjunctions are always great. I once took a photo of one with Venus.

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OH: “Wordfeud is turning into Chatroulette, apparently. A guy with an exposed torso just started a game with me and played the word “sex”.”

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I am writing “colour” and not “color” in my code. THAT’S RIGHT, BITCHES, BRITISH ENGLISH PROGRAMMING!

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maxvoltar My kingdom for access to

Seriously, here are my keys.

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Currencies around the world:
— America: Dollar
— Europe: Euro
— Universities: Beer

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Trolled by overflow:hidden.

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It’s November. Get ready to see holiday decorations on your favourite online shopping site.

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