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February 2012

webmonkey WebKit Isn’t Breaking the Web, You Are:

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I guess some people just don’t understand the concept of wireless.

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Coincidentally, almost all summer Olympic Games have been held in years like this one. Gives new meaning to the words “leap year”.

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Today is Olympic. It only appears every four years.

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The laptop just made a barely audible high beep. Should I be afraid?

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Since my MacBook is still stolen, I’ve found a laptop to use until I get the insurance money. Check out the brand:

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@BadAstronomer Might not be in daylight, but I took this picture last night re: your blog post… with a macro lens!

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kellan Just a reminder, the industry celebrating itself tonight is the one that bankrolls SOPA/PIPA/ACTA etc

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Here’s the original photo (with a longer exposure). It was taken with a macro lens, which is meant for close-up photos.

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The crescent Moon is really close to Venus today.

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@stagen …men det var stadig nogle fucking fede skilte.

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@stagen Jeg tror hun var 12 eller sådan noget ;)

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“My dad says ACTA is shit…”

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ACTA, y u no leave internet alone?

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Orange sun hanging low under a thick carpet of grey skies. Radiant reflections in buildings. Wind. I know I can never take a photo of this.

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@diamond281 Quite a bit, but it’s all in the cloud.

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@diamond281 I have my data safe on Dropbox, though, so there’s that.

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@diamond281 Yeah. To get on Wi-Fi, you have to log in, but the ’book is password-protected. That leaves ethernet, which isn’t geo-aware.

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@koefoed Præcis. (Backblaze er i øvrigt fantastisk, hvis du ikke kender det.)

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@koefoed Det er mest det med at have mistet et arbejdsværktøj. Og så måske udsigten til at betale for et nyt.

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@koefoed Jeg bruger Dropbox og Backblaze. Data er heldigvis intet problem. Og jeg har password på min brugerkonto.

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@diamond281 I have it, I have set it to alert me with an email if it gets online. But I don’t know if that will ever happen.

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Thanks for all the thoughts, guys. My laptop is sorry for its loss. Thankfully we’re in an age where I still have a desktop computer.

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@mboylan Yep, Find My Mac. I can only hope I get signal.

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Going home defeated. Lost my MacBook during a fairly innocuous night out in town.


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leadsingle Site development of LeadSingle is hibernating until this summer. You can still discover great music, though.…

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j2n4me all the people on who like the music i like have avatars of ponies

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@norks Messages seem pretty great. They’re smacking a sidebar on the conversations, Skype-style, but it’s not too bad. And it looks good.

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@JerrydeWit Nope, I’m still busy studying (it’s hard!) and will be for some time. Haven’t forgotten your notes, though. I’ll let you know.

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No longer sub-zero temperatures out. Sunshine. Compared to the last couple of weeks, it feels like summer. And it’s Friday.

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OS X Messages Beta. Shit just got real.

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daringfireball ★ Mountain Lion:

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That moment when you find out the software you need to use requires JRE.

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Morning. It’s been raining on snow tonight. Nothing has any friction any more.

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@Nikki2Nikki You will only be able to retrieve the last 3.2K tweets from Twitter at any given time, due to their limitations.

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BadAstronomer Every movie is 3D: a series of 2D (width x height) pictures changing with time.

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@rasmoney Glad for at du kan li’ den! De data kommer fra DR, men jeg kan se de er blevet opdateret siden sidst. Jeg finder opdater-knappen.

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Danish electronic band Spleen United performing at the uni. @ Oticon Salen Dtu

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Blue winter night. Best photo session in a long time. Jupiter and Venus up ahead.

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puffins Dubstep anywhere: 1. launch Terminal 2. enter yes "wub" | xargs say 3. UNTZ UNTZ.

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Moon over Øresund. Partially icecovered, so the water reflection only goes so far.

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@rockhopper I don’t know if it was perfect timing, it’s almost 2 years ago now since I made it. Haha. Glad you like it.

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@sikander Huh. It seems rather horrific if we can’t rely on the dates anymore. I hope it’s just temporary.

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@mc_frontalot There’s not a single easy way to import to TN from other sources than Twitter at the moment. Manual DB tinkering is needed.

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@clarklab Seems like a Twitter bug. The ’stamps are weird on, too. You can update them manually in the DB if you want.

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@alexmontjohn Usually that would be a problem with the “.htaccess” files, but it seems to me like you’ve fixed it since then. :)

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Live D-A-D mini concert for charity in the blistering cold

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I think by now, I can be considered an expert when it comes to constantly worrying about something that I know I shouldn’t worry about.

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@clarklab Tweet Nest is better than sleeping, anyway. ;)

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marcedwards It’s the small things: 10.7.2 vs 10.7.3.

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7AM, taking the early bus. It’s dark and cold outside.

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