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June 2012

I hope your day today is good, because there’s an extra second of it.…

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Everything I do on the web is like a mashup, but with far too much thought put into it.

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@dandenney I wonder if it’s fixed in CS6?


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Yay to Photoshop for not comprehending anything if I paste in a hexadecimal colour code with a # symbol in front of it.

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Just noticed that the hashbangs are gone from the Twitter URLs. And immediately I want to hug someone.

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Excited to be doing some freelance web work at the Danish Broadcasting Corporation over the summer.

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OH: “Everything is going fine over here, except for the fact that nothing is working.”

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@mrgan Haha. That story works unexpectedly well with the “missing vowels” blog header.

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Google Compute Engine taking on AWS. Looks pretty cool.…

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@andrewsmyk Sure, but I think it’s better to analyse the bigger problem that Tweet Nest might not have proper access to your database?

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@andrewsmyk Sounds like the database is not being properly set up during installation. Is there a user in the `users` table?

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After months of paperwork done, I can finally say with confidence that I’m going to San Francisco to study for 1 semester this autumn! Yay!

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newsycombinator You're not the CEO - You're the Fucking Janitor

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chriscoyier Way clever: an icon font that requires *no* special markup. Words like "user" just turn into icon automatically.

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@27bslash6 You better keep going!

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bearskinrug Thor looks so bad-ass... probably!…

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The laptop disguised as a film.

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I think I just followed a link to the online Apple Store within iTunes.

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I fucking love the Legend of Korra.

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Last day of the semester over. Summer time! @ Technical University of Denmark - DTU

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@MTVGeek Idea! Please use some sound sharing service somewhere to answer some questions in voice! Like

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Held back by bureaucracy.

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The most interesting thing about “Surface”—the location of the webcam. Is it made to be used in portrait mode?…

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@spiri Fedt. Der stod 12 mm for 10 minutter siden.

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@spiri Har du ikke lige spottet den store blå bar der kl. 18?

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@spiri Skal man tro DMI, har vi stadig skybruddet til gode……

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neiltyson '@EdwardJack2: What year do we make contact w/Aliens?' Never. They've concluded there's no sign of intelligent life on Earth.

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j2n4me i reject your reality and substitute my fanfiction

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ExtraLives Setting up for the Four Swords Stream-- it's live now!

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Oh noooo, not *this*!

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@koefoed Jo, men DTU-siden på Apple Store fungerer ikke, så jeg må ringe til dem i åbningstiden.

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Purchasing the new retina MacBook Pro tomorrow morning in order to get student discount on the expensive thing. Nobody buy it overnight!

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This keynote killed me with awesomeness.

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elliottkember something something apple

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Gigabit ethernet through Thunderbolt. *Awesome.*

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Haha, the thinner MagSafe. Jeez.

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Now I’m glad I waited.

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ExtraLives Ocarina of Time Race! Help us raise enough for a schoolhouse through @freethechildren! RT me!

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jasonsantamaria Love this. Pixar story rules from a story artist there:

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Ahhhhh, Tivoli, you’re looking beautiful as always.

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I’ve learned not to ask my hairdresser to design my website. He gave it a “messy look”.

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Watching this live Google Hangout video of the Venus transit, with plenty of bonus information:

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Camilla_SDO Venus getting closer to start ingression. @NASA_SDO

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Camilla_SDO Our @NASA_SDO now sees the entire Venus in 335 wavelength.

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The transit of Venus over here is at 5 AM. Not sure I’ll be awake then, but at least I’ll see it on the ’net here.…

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maxvoltar Don't tell me you're not excited about all this?…

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This is how much I want to buy a video camera:

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newsycombinator Every Black Hole Contains a New Universe

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@mattdanna Ah, south east! Didn’t look like Paris to me. Enjoy it, it’s fucking lovely there! Gonna do some tourist-y things?

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Tried installing new RAM in my Mac. Could have gone better. Could not get access to the memory slots because of a stuck screw.

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This website for a design studio is a bit unusual: It’s a clickable live webcam shot of the studio floor.

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