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December 2012

pm Programmers take vacations to program.

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ExtraLives And with that last donation, we've officially raised over $100,000 for charity since 2009!

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A long time until the next train

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mikkelmarius Read this if you ever doubt that we're living in the future.…

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newsycombinator What one book could give me a new, useful superpower?

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@keenahn I’m doing the exact same thing right now. High fives!

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@wsttn Ah. Other than The Strokes being cool, that shirt is actually also a reference to a certain blockbuster movie.

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@wsttn Thanks man! Which one? There’s three different ones, changing on reload.

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@DanSlott Reader here: 700 was interesting. It's all good. Just one wish: I hope new Spider-Man doesn't turn out to be a jerk. That's all.

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@cmxsupport Yeah, I got it in the end. Thanks, guys!

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@comiXology As you can imagine, because this is release day, it’s also kinda time-critical. Sucks overall.

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@comiXology Anything in the store part of the app is loading just fine, though. Sign in doesn’t work, either. Same on my phone.

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@comiXology Hey, I just bought an $8 comic using the Marvel app. It’s purchased, but I can’t download it. Nothing in “My Comics” is loading.

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One last goodbye to my street corner in SF. Took this photo on a starry night a couple weeks ago. Happy holi

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Google Maps’ Santa Tracker is up once again, and it’s looking very impressive this year! Zoom out on the map view.

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j2n4me… CHRISTMAS ALBUM. (secret pre-release before i make a website for it)

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Somewhere over the western States.

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Home. Having a great time, but so jet lagged. Can’t believe it’s only 6pm.

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In Denmark, we don't have to dream of a white Christmas. @ Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

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On my way home from SF tonight. There's a lot of people on this airplane speaking English with terrible Danish accents, feels like home!

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Filbert Street, one of San Francisco’s steepest.

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Today is my last full day in SF. It's been amazing. Here's the Presidio library wh @ Presidio Branch Library

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lazyatom Everything went a bit wrong

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@MeltingIce Yep! Unfortunately though, I haven’t got access to the feature yet. Haha.

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@martinkroeger Fedt at høre! Og ja. I det nye år.

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Rejoice! It looks like official Twitter archive functionality is (soon to be) a reality!…

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mortenjust When i search for directions and it gives me a trip duration, it should give me a podcast of exactly that length

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Now I suddenly see why the apple touch icon for Google Maps on web was grey. So that the real app icon could be colored! Aaaaaaaaah.

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Google Maps for the iPhone is back! AND IT’S GOT HELVETICA THIS TIME!…

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@DOFFactory I’m afraid I won’t be updating it any longer, I recommend using the chat style “Brief” instead:

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This is why I’m happy I rented a tele lens for my camera this weekend.

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Took a break from studying for finals last night to go to the other side of the bridge. @ Battery Spencer

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Morning in the city. @ Ina Coolbrith Park

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dhh "The future is already here – it's just not evenly distributed", William Gibson.

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The ending of another day in the bay.

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Looking back on sunny days in San Francisco.

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@jacobpackert Well, the place where “127 Hours” occured *is* pretty close by to the place I was. So it makes sense!

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Outside the canyon. @ Upper Antelope Canyon

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Morning over downtown. @ Newport Boardwalk

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Jupiter and Orion. @ Grand Canyon National Park

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Moonrise over San Francisco @ Alamo Square

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For those wondering about my Skype chat style and Skype 6, it’s been retired. Instead, I recommend Brief by @miekd.

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After all these years, I still cannot understand why I can’t cut (⌘X) a file in Finder.

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