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February 2013

mdo Super excited to reintroduce an old project with Preboot 2:…. Stayed up til 3am last night to get it ready. Enjoy!

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Interesting look into the tech of CSS: Writing efficient CSS selectors…

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@mdo Seems like they are, from looking on my ret’na machine.

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I just wrote “text-decoration: uppercase” in a CSS file. Maybe I should sleep more.

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DavidAirey Liking Wolff Olins' work for Firefox…

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@joshsharp Hey—care to share your email addr? I read your article; I think we have a lot in common. I’ve also once programmed a music site.

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Blackout. Dark streets at midnight.

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We just got blacked out completely. Total power outage everywhere in this part of northwestern Copenhagen.

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@AgentM Somebody already wrote the soundtrack to my life: Just “Yakety Sax” on repeat.

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One of the coolest tech things I’ve heard about. University of Illinois PhD student is building a “Spider-sense suit”…

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@auchenberg Good point. I’m also generating a compressed version of the (rather comprehensive) JavaScript file.

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I’ve designed and programmed the new website for Danish consultancy Wemind — chock full of HTML5 and large photos.

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@AgentM @BenJMorse I love how the first thing both of you did afterwards was to tweet about your conversation, haha.

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joshuatopolsky I, Terminator. I used Google Glass: it's the future, with monthly updates

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@carlbert_ Not yet officially, but it’s been made by folks on GitHub here.…

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@helmi Looks like this code addition for that purpose is working for a bunch of people.…

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@design @stickermule Thanks a bunch for the rad stickers, guys!

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@earth2marsh Not yet. I am in the process of making it ready, though. Mainly it’s going to require everyone to get their own API keys.

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Bill Gates AMA on Reddit. Starts in 10 minutes.…

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Exoplanet news are always exciting. This time, NASA’s Kepler mission says that an Alien Earth could be close to us.…

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@mdo Oops, now that song is blasting in my headphones again.

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@mdo Feeling like the Only Girl (In the World)?

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