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March 2013

Now you can search for hidden treasures on an old school parchment-style Google Maps!…

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Having a very productive @leadsingle workshop weekend with @fvdsloot. Awesome to get shit done.

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@montiray Only been following your comic for half a month and I signed up to Indiegogo to support your book. Keep up the awesomeness!

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Today at 4pm. They're working on the train tunnel and the lights were out in this train, so this train…

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Well written piece on the all-encompassing role of passion in creative work. “Take pride or fuck it.”…

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Due to a (kinda sudden) apartment move taking its toll for me this entire month, Tweet Nest 2 has been delayed. But it’s still on the way.

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tomscott is my new favourite weather service. "Rain in 3 minutes, stopping 40 minutes later." Details:

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@MeltingIce …and then there’s the people who actually use the word “defiantly” correctly, but I still always read it as a misspelling.

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Yay! Google Flight Search now includes many European flights.

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ilovetypography That ‘great design is timeless’ is a fallacy.

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@mikecampton Yeah, I didn’t think it was very big either, but I don’t think I expected it to be. But I only saw it from a boat. Did you go?

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mikkelmarius Clint’s mom reminds us of the importance of kerning.

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It’s official: New Daft Punk album is out on May 21st. I don’t think I can sleep until then.…

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Cmdr_Hadfield New York City, lit up like a bulb. The Statue of Liberty is clearly visible in the night from above.

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CompSciFact "A meeting is a big honkin’ mutex."

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marcoarment In this business, you can’t count on anything having longevity.…

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@magicroundabout Thanks! I was hoping this month, but moving apartments is kinda getting in the way. I do realise the urgency, though. :)

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@HALfayce Someone’s still actually using that?

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marks The new @kontrapunkt_com website looks great, and seems to work well—

Lots of beautiful typography and moving design.

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micahgoulart Mailbox joins Dropbox. No word yet on whether they'll acquire Xbox.

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@TheRyanFord The news blogs call the acquisition “Boxing Day” and I want to cry and laugh at the same time.

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@MonotoneTim Okay, bonus item for $1000. SURELY it can’t bring in more than that at an auction.

…okay, $5000!

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@blakegarris Hah. Do they really allow you to bring in cellphones? …or did you just smuggle it in?

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Happy 2013/3/14 159 26535 89793 23846 26433 83279…!

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CERN New results indicate that particle discovered at CERN is a boson…

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sup3rmark Two weeks of no pope: baby cured of HIV, breath test for cancer, salt water found on moon of Jupiter. Day one with pope: Google Reader dies.

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Cmdr_Hadfield Sunrise in the Cupola. With no atmosphere to filter and diffuse the light, our star is incredibly harsh.

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marcoarment If you love RSS, Google Reader’s death is actually great news:…

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Damn. Google Reader is shutting down this summer.…

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Oh wow. Empire of the Sun have finally announced their second album in this video directed by JJ Abrams (no, really)!

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It’s not often that you see news channels broadcasting live video from a chimney. Fascinating stuff.

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Just when you think spring is coming… Surprise blizzard.

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@STEnaVS If it’s a shared server, it could be someone else. There could literally be a million reasons, and I can’t tell you which one.

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@STEnaVS “Rate limit exceeded” errors are local to your server (because someone has fetched too many tweets).

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@thoughtwax Does that, in turn, lead to certain types of modifications in designs?

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@kraenhansen Det handler nok mere om tid end mod. Men skriv en mail på og fortæl mere om udfordringen, og måske… :)

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@AgentM You know what we need? We need photo re-grams (or whatever). Retweets for Instagram!

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@AgentM Yeah, it totally makes sense. It’s just one of those things where very few people actually have that use case. :/

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@AgentM Yep. Though it honestly kiiiiiiinda makes sense given where they’re coming from. See the bottom of this page…

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@AgentM Very few apps other than the official one lets you post photos to Instagram. It’s simply not supported in their API.

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Dropdown UI subtleties: “Breaking down Amazon’s mega dropdown”…

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“Forbes Thought Of The Day” — Is that what they call advertising these days?

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Most of the questions I’m getting about Tweet Nest 2 can be answered with this screen shot from the new admin panel.

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I have been working on Tweet Nest 2 for a couple of weeks now. Definitely looking good. Although there’s still bit of time before it’s done.

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@paulo_ribeiro Trying my best to make it smooth. It has import functionality and all.

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Tomorrow, Twitter API v1.0 will be deprecated and Tweet Nest installations will break. However, Tweet Nest 2 is almost here. Hold on, guys.

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Ladies and gentlemen, FIFTEEN SECONDS of new Daft Punk material:…

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