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April 2013

I can’t believe I’ve only just now found out about type hinting in PHP. It’s like magic.

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It’s a very beautiful Sunday. @ Fiskebæk Å

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Large, very quiet biking team out for a ride at sunset. @ DTU 101

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The most scrobbled tracks of the last hour. ’Nuff said.

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Laurentbouneau Le nouveau Daft Punk est dans la valise blindée .
Ou est la clef ?

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Quiet. Schools in Denmark like this one have been closed for weeks due to a teacher lockout.

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Wow. Columbia Records just posted the official track list for the new Daft Punk album *on Vine*. That’s hella cool.

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Today, Empire of the Sun released their comeback single. It is glorious.

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It may not seem like much, but I can’t tell you how much it means to see the sun is shining and…

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Sweet sunset alignment at the university. Scary to think I only have a couple of months left here. @…

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@AndyHuang Honestly, it shouldn’t be that much harder to handle DMs, I just don’t want to be responsible for keeping all those private…

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@AndyHuang Nope, it’s only for public stuff.

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Rumour has it that this song being slowly unveiled is out on Monday. I can’t handle the greatness.…

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MSNmesenger Today is the LAST day of MSN Messenger ever. RT if you have good memories of it. 1999 - 2013. R.I.P.

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BreakingNews Film critic Roger Ebert dies at 70 after battle with cancer - @Suntimes

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@thoughtwax Oh god, you’re right. Everything’s reversed and weird.

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@thoughtwax I used to just hold down the Shift key. This is much better.

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@masey Aiming for this month, definitely. No guarantees though, as I have many other things on my schedule.

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Oh wow! After eight years, YouTube is shutting down tonight, in order to spend a decade finding the winning video!

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SoundCloud’s Dropometer helps you figure out where the bass drop is in any song, album, or even spoken word podcast.…

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Sht. Twitter is removing vowels from your tweets unless you pay up. Cn't hndl ths!…

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Annoyed that you can’t scrobble the music you hum to yourself? Unplugged has your back:…

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@AyameKenoshi And I’m going to explore every one of them today. Haha.

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sPECtre Brand new: Photoshop CS6 (product RED) The UI might not please everyone, but part of the money go to a good cause!

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CERN launches a boson lottery, here's your chance to get your own Higgs boson:…

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deviantART introduces deviantHEART — The world’s first dating site for artists. With “Advanced Matching Technology”.

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Of course, Google has a bunch of new exciting product launches today. Smell them all with Google Nose!…

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