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October 2013

@tomscott …and Denmark says thank you to Britain for passing the storm along to us.

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@mikkelmarius Jeg ville sige, at jeg bor kun 5 metrostop fra lufthavnen, men det er nok bedre at blive, og finde en god stol. Held og lykke!

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@mikkelmarius De sagde på radioen at alle fly skal være på jorden i CPH. Det lyder ikke for godt—hvordan går det ved dig?

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@AMcph Sig til, hvis/når du ved mere om Tour de Chambre! :) Tak for den hyggelige snak i går aftes!

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tolmasky Been on Mavericks for 5 fucking minutes and already there's a Digital Camera RAW update

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irondavy wow

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@AgentM Thanks to everyone involved with Marvel Live for always making it a great weekend for those of us abroad!

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@Marvel I am disappointed the table is not on fire.

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@Marvel For young clueless folks like me, can you explain who Miracleman is and why yesterday’s announcement is significant?

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@Marvel Awesome day today, guys. Watched nearly all of it! I think I missed Sara Pichelli. I’ll definitely see y’guys tomorrow!

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@Marvel I’m positive you guys just broke my speakers. But no matter, today’s schedule looks awesome. Have a good day, guys!

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Old Danish tower Rundetårn lit with changing lights all night in celebration of Kulturnat Copenhagen.…

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@Marvel G’morning! I also want to see this dog interview so much.

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@Marvel — Guys, with all the international viewers, you really should use metric measurements when describing all the swag. ;)

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@Marvel What panel are you personally looking forward to the most this weekend?

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@Marvel Hey guys! Stoked to see you on YouTube now! Sweet stuff you got on the table there!

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Visiting the sound technician’s room in the live national radio program P1 Business. Exciting to…

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@codjer That would be nice, but I’m afraid it’s not possible to do at the moment. Feel free to upload some code to GitHub though.

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The sun’s warm rays can break through an otherwise overcast sky on an ordinary autumn Saturday in…

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