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December 2013

semel Go to this website and open your browser's Javascript console (under View > Developer in Chrome)

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@lopp Huh, that’s a new one. Looks like the connection is failing, but not throwing an error. Pretty hard to debug from remote.

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@DNNielsen Hey, kan en af jer 'ere verificere, at I har modtaget min ansøgning? Man får ikke nogen auto-email eller noget. Tak!

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mygdal Let's bring the copenhagen startup community together in 2014

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@bwhitman I’ve only known of you and your blog for a about a week, but I have no idea what took me so long. Very inspiring writeups!

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Walked home in the middle of the night after an evening at the cinema. Outside, it looks about the same as it did at 5 pm. That’s winter.

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Came home from work to an apartment shrouded in light from a bright full moon. Instead of turning on…

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@syneryder Well, no, Echo Nest determines the song being played. I just chop up a radio stream into small bits and feed it to them.

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This weekend, I made a quick app called “Radio Listener”. It listens to a radio and gets song info from @echonest.

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@DGStephenson @Nico_Laustriat It has been updated, yes. Here’s a link to the newest version on GitHub.…

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