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Sometimes, even the smallest and most ridiculous little language issues can annoy the living soul out of me. Thus, I aim to write some short blog entries where I try to feverishly pin down the differences between various words that are alike, in a way that makes it clear. This is the first one, where I try to break down the differences in the words chance, probability and risk. Check it out!


Good: The chance of seeing real life ninjas at the local coffee bar is, unfortunately, low


Neutral: There’s a probability that the amount of clouds in the sky today will be exactly 40


Bad: The risk of being eaten after punching a lion is considerably less if you are a robot

P.S.: If you’re feeling really geeky, you can also use verisimilitude.

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Payam wrote at March 9th, 2010, 5:50 AM

I never really considered the positive/negative-ness of these words <_<

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