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Links to the monthly numbers aren’t working

A forum thread posted in Tweet Nest by ITbowl on Feb 7th, 2013

ITbowl OP

Hi there.
Firstly thanks for this nice tool. :)
Well, after importing all tweets I open the main url and everything seems ok.
But if I click on one of the months-links on the right side (eg February 2013) I just get a 404.
The folder …/2013/02 is not on the webserver. None if these folders is stored there, so every link is ending in a 404. Even the Favorite-Link.

What went wrong?
Any idea?

Thanks in advance and thanks again for Tweet Nest!



ITbowl OP

Ok, I understood now that the folders are not physically there and that it must be something with the .htaccess-files.

The .htaccess files got 764 permission, so everyone is able to read them.
What else is important to get things running?

My server runs on linux with mysql5 and php5. Privider is Curl seems to be enabled, too.


ITbowl OP

Ok, Problem solved.
I adjusted the URLs in the htaccess-file.
I changed it from ./blabla.php to

Now it works.


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