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Fatal PHP Error since today without changes in the past

A forum thread posted in Tweet Nest by ITbowl on Jun 12th, 2013

ITbowl OP

since today (June 12th) I get this error message when I try to load new tweets:

Fatal error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array in /myfolders/loadtweets.php on line 113

Line 113 of that php-file consists:
if(!IS64BIT && $i == 0 && $maxID == $tweet->id_str){ unset($data[0]); continue; }

I changed nothing on the server or the database since the installation of tweetnest.
My PHP Version is 5.3.19. My mySQL version is 5.5.28.

What can I do to get it running again?

Thanks in advance.



ITbowl OP

I upgraded to the latest TN version just minutes ago.
Nothing changed. The error still occures.


ITbowl OP

Ok, problem not solved but there will be an update in the (near?) future to get this fixed….



This issue has been solved in the new Tweet Nest 1.1, available for download now at :)


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