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login errors

A forum thread posted in Tweet Nest by paulgailey on Feb 28th, 2012

paulgailey OP

When loading

at the prompt for “User Name:” and Password: I enter my twitter screename and then my tweetnest set admin password (same one as stored in config.php) but it fails and I still see this in the browser:

“Unauthorized. Log in with your maintenance HTTP password found in your config.”

I’ve double checked the values in config.php against the MySQL values and checked for correct existence of .htaccess

Any ideas? I am at a total loss why I cannot install it.



It seems like this symptom has a lot of causes. If you’re sure the .htaccess file in the maintenance directory exists and is being applied by Apache, perhaps the issue has something to do with version numbers. I would really have no other idea.

PHP HTTP authentication, which is used here, is not an oft-used feature. So it seems it has peculiarities. I tested it on Apache 2.0 and PHP 5 and it worked. I don’t know what you’re using.



I had similar login problems which seemed to disappear after I changed the username and the database parameters in the config.php to the full name including the physical server prefix. So, if the username and database were TWT_STORE, I ended up using, say “web95-twt_store” as the parameters in config.php because that’s where the MySQL was expecting to find it on my host’s server [not the short, 9-character form]. The sign-in used the short form of the username, as far as I remember, and the password set up for the database on my server (not the separate one from the admin function in TweetNest) to allow the initial access through the browser…
There may be an extra layer of security on your host, like there seemed to be with mine, before you get to the PHP script being able to ‘do its thing’.


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