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Can’t search for #ff

A forum thread posted in Tweet Nest by vintage8bit on Mar 10th, 2012

vintage8bit OP

I’ve installed Tweetnest and it has been running well for a couple of months. Searching works well, except when I search for #ff, I get nothing.

If I search for other hashtags, or any other search string greater than 2 characters it work fine. It’s just #ff.

Any suggestions?



By default, the search indexing mechanism only indexes words that are at least three letters long. This does not include symbols like # and so “#ff” is seen as “ff”, which is only two characters long.

You can change this setting in the file includes/, changing the number in the line public $minWordLength = 3;

After this, you have to reindex all tweets, which is most easily done by erasing the contents in the Tweet Nest database and running the loaduser.php and loadtweets.php files, same as when you first started using the app.

You can also do it without erasing tweets, by erasing all contents from the words and tweetwords tables and running TweetNestSearch::index for each of them if you’re code savvy.

This could be easier, I know. Sorry about that.


vintage8bit OP

Thanks - sorry for the slow response. I’ll do this and let you know how I go :)


vintage8bit OP

That has worked a charm. Thanks for the help :)


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