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August 14, 2009

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I don’t mean to seem like I care about material things, like our social stats. I just want four walls and adobe slats for my girls

Animal Collective

My Girls

Suddenly, one day it was lying there on my desk. The new Animal Collective album. Literally mesmerizing just to look at. My dad had bought it, but found it was a bit too crazy for his tastes. It sure did look unconventional; it wasn’t contained in a jewel case, but rather a very custom paper container with pictures and scribbles (supposedly the track list) that were just as weird as their outer eye-tricking counterparts. But what about the music? Was it really crazy? I hadn’t listened to this band before, so I wouldn’t know. I gave it a spin.

The album is filled with dreamy tracks that are either about love or similar bigger needs, or sometimes just something plain silly. After the love story and opening track In the Flowers, the second track on the album is the track which is also the first single from it, My Girls. This is the track that I am featuring, and it is very interesting. It’s a song that starts off slowly and dreamy, but bit by bit it manages to start a rhythm filled with different kinds of wonderful percussion.

The song takes the listener on a travel through a soundscape—filled with synths, drum machines and other percussion—that seems to have a very simple lyrical meaning: Not caring about material things, but instead only feeling the need for “simple things” such as a solid soul and a place to live. The lyrical arrangement seems to be divided into three different parts that are sung in three different ways, making it a happy reacquaintance every time you hear another part because of the slight variation.

A fascinating and dreamy composition, coupled with lyrics that give you something to think about—so what more can you ask for? I’m not sure and thus, it’s elec’s song of the now.

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