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October 26, 2009

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I Don’t Like Your Band

It’s not you, it’s your tunes

After a period of five long years and what seems like a thousand delays, norwegian electropop singer Annie is finally releasing her sophomore record Don’t Stop. It came out in the UK last Monday and the track that has been playing on the radio over here is called I Don’t Like Your Band.

Being a fan of her earlier singles, I must say I was excited to figure out that I’d finally get to hear some new stuff from her. And when I first heard this song last month, I was really excited. It’s an upbeat electronic track where Annie dumps a dude simply because she can’t stand his band. The track itself sounds like what it would sound like if French synthpop dudes Daft Punk or Justice were running a musical factory line rapidly producing somewhat unimpressed girlfriends. Wonderfully produced by Paul Epworth, the grooving beat is a big part of the song, and it makes it very danceable, and Annie’s thin and airy nordic voice fits beautifully as a contrast to the dominant robotic background.

You could argue that this sounds a lot like what she’s done before, and I agree to some extent, but it doesn’t make this track anywhere near bad; it still sounds very great. The new album is on the way to my address, and once it gets out of Royal Mail strike hell, I can’t wait to give all of it a spin.

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