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March 27, 2010

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I’ll fade to black and disappear

As the 1 month anniversary for the latest blog post on Andy’s Song of the Now passes, I get into a slight state of panic. So, it’s time for me to let you know that I’m not musically dead, and that I have in fact listened to tons of music since I last wrote about it, and one of the bands I’ve enjoyed the most is the British indie/electronic/dance act Delphic. They released their debut album Acolyte in January, and it’s without question one of my favourite records from this year so far. The newest single from the album, Halcyon, was just released, and it’s no exception in its greatness.

Filled with layers of arpeggiating synths, drum machines and electric guitars, Halcyon is the sound of frustration and hope as if it was emanating and echoing from icy yet electrified caves in the dark north. The track is a great example of the British band’s unique sound, as they combine pop melodies with something far more indie and electronic. The details in the soundscape makes it enjoyable to listen to, and I think you should.

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