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April 13, 2010

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Keane ft. K’naan

Stop for a Minute

Without you I’m a liner stranded in an ice floe

Some bands just have a signature sound. Something that is always present in their releases, which — after listening to just a couple seconds of the song — makes you damn sure it’s either a song by aforementioned band or a very thorough imposter. Unfortunately, this can also be a disadvantage if your sound as a band never changes. The English piano rock band Keane (if we can even still label them that genre) is quite the opposite of this. They are not a band to get stuck in the same old routine. Ever since their first album Hopes and Fears from early last decade, they’ve evolved radically as their sound grew more and more electronic.

And after their last album being released two years ago, they’re back again this year. And as always, it sounds a little bit different. This time it’s because they’ve gone all in and invited a rapper on to a lot of their new songs, all of which are being released on an EP called Night Train in the month of May. The first single, Stop for a Minute, is one of these songs. It is the same old Keane, yet not. It’s catchy in another way. It has other types of instruments. And, oh yeah, there’s a visit from that rapper — a Somali-Canadian dude who calls himself K’naan.

Of course you can also change so much as a band that you end up alienating your fans, and Keane’s fan base seems to be especially prone to this. I don’t buy it though; everybody changes and change is always interesting, if not great. It’s all about having an open mind. What fun is life if you don’t play with all the possibilities?

That’s what I think. And I like this track. I think you should check it out.

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