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December 3, 2009

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Bara lägg dig ner och bida din tid nu

I’ve been quite busy for a while due to working on some pretty cool projects, but all the while, you can trust that I’ve been listening to music, and one of the songs I’ve been especially addicted to comes from the Swedish rock band Kent. Not a new player on the scene by any means, they released their eighth studio album Röd, Swedish for Red, a month ago, and it fascinatingly marks a move to a very electronic sound. This track is no exception.

In Töntarna, Kent frontman Joakim Berg sings of tales about revenge, parties and a plan. He sings in Swedish, so many of you will not understand the lyrics, but then again, the language of the Swedes is not a field where I can pretend to have much experience either, so if we disregard the lyrics, I think we can both agree that the music is pretty interesting, and some might even say catchy. Like a gloomy Depeche Mode with a philosophical edge, the band takes us to dark places where even just a sliver of hope seems to shine so bright that it needs to be marked with a highly danceable chorus. As Berg orders us to “hang them high,” the clandestine event is celebrated with giddy synths and prominent drum machines, as if they were rhythmically gyrating around the campfire.

You can call it a ballad. You can call it robotic. Either way, it sounds great and it makes me sing along in Swedish. That’s quite a feat.

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