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July 29, 2009

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Kiss Kiss Kiss

Broken Hearts

They’ll be waiting in the harbour…

Now that I’m returning from a little summer vacation (and excuse me there), the most obvious musical question you can ask the returning vacationer would be what their favourite and/or most played summer hit would be this year. There’s a couple of songs that a lot of people would say would be their pick, but the song I’d pick for my personal summer hit of 2009 would arguably not exactly be among the classics.

My pick would be “Broken Hearts”, the very first single from brand new Danish band Kiss Kiss Kiss. It’s a track with synths that sends thoughts back to the eighties and a couple of nice guitar riffs that change from fresh to funky—and back again—over the course of the song. Coupled with the rest of the instruments, the song is mixed together beautifully with an abundance of dance value. That and an odd love story, and there’s no doubt you’ve got summer hit potential. And that potential really hit me!

As mentioned, these guys are really new. Even today, over a month since their first musical release, their Last.fm page says that there’s never been any releases. And although that is most probably just slowness, it does indicate the freshness of this musical project—one can only hope a lot of good stuff will eventually come from it.

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