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September 14, 2010

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Marina & the Diamonds

Oh No!

This music blog is very often very much about current music. And the curious thing about current and new music is that it is exactly that: current and ever-changing. There’s always some new artist out there with a new track you can get stuck in your head, and if you try to keep up with all the fresh music, you will never ever be able to stop. There will always be new musical contributions from new faces, many fading away for years as fast as they arrived. However, some artists don’t fade out as quickly as others. Some always have a new track and a new track after that, and before you know it, you may have been singing along to the same artist for several months.

Such turned out to be the case with Greek-Welsh singer/songwriter Marina & the Diamonds. Actually, it’s almost been a year since she broke into the mainstream with the hit song Mowgli’s Road back in December 2009, and since then, the hits have just kept on coming. The latest one, simply named Oh No!, is the fourth(!) single from the debut album The Family Jewels which was released back in spring. And it’s a groovy one.

There is generally a lyrical theme of making it big and striking success in Marina’s lyrics and this track is definitely no exception. A story of wanting it all and fearing a failure that might lure ahead for the unlucky, the lyrics are filled with references to modern society and the dream many people have for making a name for themselves, with all the up- and downsides that includes. And she does it with a certain eloquence. There are too many poetic gems and spot-on descriptions in the lyrics to mention here, although I wish I could.

Oh No!’s mix of clever sentences and references is gently placed on top of a catchy piano-and-hand-clap bouncy pop beat, making it a very sweet deal indeed. Even though the lyrics are not necessarily the happiest, the song’s composition sure makes it sound like it is. And that’s a combination that is always popular.

The music video seen below, directed by Kinga Burza, further underlines the parodies found in the lyrics.

And as if four singles from one album weren’t enough, next month Marina & the Diamonds teaches us how it feels to be drinking Shampain —¬†with the music video for that song already out now.

P.S.: I am now on iTunes Ping, sharing fresh new music releases!

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Payam wrote at September 14th, 2010, 10:09 PM

Well, I love Marina, and I love Oh No! So, very good taste! :D Keep up the fun music blog :)

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