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October 19, 2009

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Deep Sleep

I ain’t leavin’ my bed!

The current song of the now is by brand new Danish soul/R&B hope Nabiha, who wrote a song where she sings passionately about something as simple as … well … sleeping! As a fast soul-inspired pop track, it is definitely not the type that lulls me to sleep however, and the song has been a very lovely acquaintance. Appropriately, it’s based on a lullaby from Mali that her mother used to sing to her—and this is also actually embedded in the song itself.

With peculiar lyrics and various layers of great instruments that seem like a mix of soul and electronic styles turning the track into something that has firm references to bubblegum pop, the single is sure to dig up a groove you can’t peacefully ignore. And who doesn’t need that on a monday? The only thing left would be if we were allowed to stay in bed all day, right?

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