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February 26, 2009

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Pet Shop Boys

Home and Dry

There’s a plane at JFK to fly you back from far away

For this first song of the now since the website’s launch, I’m moving a bit into the past. While I wait for Pet Shop Boys’ new album, Yes, coming in March, I’ve looked a bit at some of their old albums, one of which is Release from 2002. The main single from this album, Home and Dry, is really a great one. I remember hearing it on the radio back when it originally came out, and when I first listened to it again some days ago, it was a wonderful reunion. I have, according to Last.fm, already listened to it over 25 times since it was first scrobbled 4 days ago.

There’s a reason for this; it’s really a gem. The main synth line that goes from the very start to the very end of the track is really sort of hypnotizing; I think it’s that great. It’s an example of a great synth “riff”: Very simple, but works very well. And it all gets better with the adding of smooth violin-ish synth.

What really makes it awesome is the addition of the simple but “cosy” lyrics: Even though the main character in the song has to wait for a long time, I believe the song is mainly about all the small great things in life. Being home and dry. Just being with your loved ones and having a great lil’ time. Additionally, the catchy synth line makes it a great track to listen to when a lot of movement is going on: Such as travelling home in a bus! It just adds to the situation, even if the weather is bad: You just can’t wait to get home and dry. So yeah, these lyrics make me really happy.

Many of the Pet Shop Boys greatest hits were indeed from over 10 or 20 years ago, but this is one of the newer ones that rank as high as their legendary singles from back then. If Yes is going to be just nearly as good, we’re in for awesome stuff.

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