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March 8, 2009

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You need more than a big blank check to be a lover

Pet Shop Boys

Love etc.

Yes, I know — I wish I could stop myself from choosing the same artist as in the last song of the now, but I’m not able to consciously decide which song I want to like at the moment; it decides itself. Lately I’ve been looking in my dad’s huge CD collection, exploring the older Pet Shop Boys albums there. I’m really discovering these guys more than previously, but today there’s really no need to look back when you can look into the future: As mentioned previously, the boys are releasing a new album later this month, called Yes, and the first single from this album is called Love etc. It hasn’t even been released to the masses yet, and that makes me sad, because I can’t get it on iTunes yet, even though I still can’t stop listening to it.

A song about how you need more than just materalistic things to make it in life, Love etc. is a very relevant song in this period of financial credit crisis. Lyrically it’s optimistic, and it believes that we can achieve the love we need. Musically it’s very well done, dominated by catchy melodies in cool synthesizers, something that goes in a very retro-ish direction. It feels very danceable.

The music video for this song is just fantastic; created by Dutch animator Han Hoogerbrugge, it’s made entirely digitally, and uses cartoon-ish versions of the band members, along with symbols, items or special characters for the different lyrical parts of the song. Pretty great, and additionally, it also looks like an old video game. PSB are going for the high score! Yaaaay!

With this great single, a new album coming up and older albums ready to be explored, Pet Shop Boys is on the fast track of becoming my current favourite musical act. Now if only I could buy the damn single on iTunes, I’d be really happy.

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