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January 13, 2010

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Simian Mobile Disco

Cruel Intentions

Let’s not let our hearts get in the way

2009 has passed, and now is (finally) the time to look forward. What will 2010 bring us in awesome musical adventures? While I’m not one to look at the future, I can look at the few things the year has brought us so far. One of those is this newly released single from English house duo Simian Mobile Disco. While they usually produce tracks for other people, they also sometimes make albums by themselves and some of the resulting tracks have very big pop potential. This is one of them; the fourth single from their sophomore album Temporary Pleasure, this track is called Cruel Intentions. It features vocals from soul-inspired Gossip singer Beth Ditto.

Ditto, who is used to sing on top of backdrops of guitars, drums and perhaps a couple of disco synths is now chanting about what seems to be anything but actual cruel intentions on top of a heaping electronic synth and drum machine sandwich in this great electropop track. It’s a quick little song from an album that has many variations, and this is arguably the most popish single that Simian Mobile Disco has ever released. I’d say that it has pretty good chart potential, and I hope it manages to get up there because this is a short but very neat little single. And, it’s the first Song of the Now of 2010. Enjoy!

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