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November 9, 2009

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Snow Patrol

Just Say Yes

We can’t be to and fro like this all our lives

It’s November and the cold part of the year (at least here in the northern hemisphere) has really started kicking in. And so a band with a name that sounds very fitting for the current time of year is Snow Patrol, and how appropriate, because they’ve just released their first compilation album, Up to Now, today. It has a couple of previously unreleased tracks along with the good ol’ ones too, and the first single out of those is Just Say Yes. It’s fascinating in many ways, largely because it represents a departure from their usual alternative rock genre into something that can be categorized as synthpop, which seems to be the genre every band and their mother wants to try these days.

As a dedicated synthpop lover, that is nothing but good news to me though, and these days I literally swim around in an ocean of tunes belonging to this wonderful genre, so there’s a lot of competition: Can the Snow Patrol boys handle it? If you ask me, there’s no need to worry and I’d say they pull it off very well. The song seems not unlike other singles from the band, which like this one are highly melodic. This song is merely dressed in some new fancy glittering instruments that fit the times and perhaps also catches it some attention. However, below the dominating layers of synth are good tidings from the guitars we know so well from Snow Patrol’s usual material, so it’s not a complete transformation, either. And that is always advantageous; no one is alienated.

The band sails into the sea of synths, and they avoid capsizing. Have a listen to the song to join them on their journey to eternal synth peace.

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