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April 5, 2009

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The Broken Beats


Fly away in the moment and come back soon

Danish band The Broken Beats have always churned out some of the greatest singles, and the second single, “Easily”, from their newest album is no exception. The Broken Beats is a pop band with what I would call an orchestral sound; it is not unusual to find violins and other orchestral instruments in their sound. In fact, it happens more often than not — at least in their singles.

Where previous singles from them (and I do recommend you check those out if you have time) have a more “soft” sound due to the selection of these instruments, this one is much more rocky, and serves rapid violins and more-or-less casual country guitars on top of a very rough backdrop.

And it is this difference from previous singles that at first made this song seem a bit alien at first — but when listened to a couple times, it only gets better. And good on them to change their sound! Oh, and it does sound good, so I’d advise you to give it a listen while it’s still on their page.

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