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October 10, 2009

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The Company


If there ever was a musical equivalent of opening up a can of whoop-ass, unleashing the wrath of whatever was inside Pandora’s box or taking a bite of an incredibly hot chili pepper, it’s Tonight by the new Danish band The Company. Mixing the heavier rock and the evil twin of eighties synthpop turned rave, guitars and synthesizers churn away musical noises in a madman-like soundscape with a BPM rate so high it’s indicating either full “oh shit” desperation, or a downright bonkers night in the city.

Most people don’t like listening to music that turns out too noisy, however audial static decorates some songs on purpose, and it certainly fits on this track; it only strengthens the idea the song gives of a pretty action-dominated peek into some ill-defined reality. Most of the lyrics are intelligible because of the loud and fast instruments, but some of the lyrics I can understand say “outta control”, and that’s quite fitting. Even if the lack of control is something benefiting that makes me want to dance away.

To sum it all up, the track is one huge mad rhythmic machine on fire, but it looks good and sounds incredibly awesome. Check out the track, but be careful your face doesn’t melt in the hotness. You’re gonna need it tomorrow.

Don’t you like the way we drink?

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