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May 31, 2010

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Two Door Cinema Club

Something Good Can Work

It’s only going up!

It’s that time of year again. Summer is just around the corner, and thus the thing that everyone will be listening to this summer is being decided by what’s being released right now. Everyone’s currently looking for that potential summer jam, and if I were to have a say in this at all, now’s the time for me to put my candidate forward.

The electropop band Two Door Cinema Club is from Northern Ireland, and their debut single Something Good Can Work oozes the type of atmosphere of friendliness and general positivity that is almost a de-facto requirement of songs that dominate the radio playlists in the summer months. This type of music is all about having a great time on the beach, in a tree house, or, if you will, a two-door cinema club.

The track was originally released in spring of last year, but with the release of the band’s debut album this year, it got a brand new shiny layer of production and was just re-released as a single earlier this month. So, it’s right on time!

Although short (it’s scarcely 3 minutes long), this track is, from the mix of acoustic instruments to the goodtimey party shouts in the background, filled with the kind of good spirit that’s a perfect fit for having fun in summer. Now I just hope it gets the airplay it deserves. Quick, jump in the pool!

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