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April 12, 2009

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You and I will magnify the magnificent



If there’s one band that has rocked my easter break, it’s U2. The boys from Ireland recently released their twelfth studio album, and the second single from that is “Magnificent”.

The first single from previously mentioned album, “Get On Your Boots”, was quite a rocky and (as Wikipedia says) grungy affair. It’s groovy and danceable, but not really much to my tastes. Contrarily, “Magnificent” is an example of what I like most from U2; it’s an epic, melodic track and, additionally, it’s got a lot of instrumental variation. There’s both guitars (and what a great riff), various effects and different types of fresh synths, all creating a wonderful soundscape. And the song’s about love, too!

All the way from the darker-sounding beginning of the song to the climax at the end of the song, I’m hooked to the great composition and lyrics. Such a deep and melodic song. To summarize, this single from U2 is simply, dare I say it, magnificent. Tee-hee.

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