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April 19, 2009

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When Saints Go Machine

Fail Forever

Will we ever ever know where to stop?

This little track has been playing in my ears on and off for many weeks now. It’s made by Danish band When Saints Go Machine who makes electropop-ish stuff. Their music has crossed my ear drum before, specifically with an upbeat song from last year called “Kids on Vacation” that just oozes happiness.

Contrarily, this song is more of a ballad-ish type, and at first I couldn’t really get used to it, but with time I’ve begun to enjoy it. And yes, it sounds pretty special, but it’s really soothing. Its constant pulsating background coupled with layers of violins and some short, concentrated tastes of percussion with xylophones (I think), makes for an interesting mix of instruments and thus, a fascinating audial impression. It’s especially the contrast and interplay between the hypnotic, cold and mechanical background and the organic layers being put on top, proudly lead by the very emotional vocals by singer Nikolaj Vonsild, that does it.

This band is just getting started, and their debut album (from which this one is on) doesn’t even have a name yet. But When Saints Go Machine has a tasteful and interesting sound and is placed somewhere in the musical genre landscape that’s not exactly easy to pinpoint. They mix up genres and their music oftentimes sounds really great, and always very ambitious. This is a Danish band that the world (that’s you!) needs to hear.

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