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May 27, 2009

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I Lost My Voice

Wake up at mid­night and it feels like noon

Naïvely, at first, I thought they were a rock band. But that seems to be far from the case for Danish band WhoMadeWho. Even though they’ve been active for many years, I haven’t personally heard much from them, but with their newly released album called “The Plot”, they’ve finally made their way to my ears. The first single from the album — which is going by by the same name as the album itself — is a catchy rock anthem, but this second single, “I Lost My Voice” is so much different, and admittedly it surprised me.

So how is it? Well, “I Lost My Voice” is way more electronic than rock; the track is an electronic soundscape with interesting lyrics that could possibly range from something as big as a love or life crisis, to simply experiencing jet lag. I think that the song itself seems to be structured much like Robyn’s big breakthrough in the UK, the wonderfully delicious track “With Every Heartbeat” made by Swedish producer Kleerup: At first, we’re lyrically being told a melancholic story, and as the track progresses, the synths and pads in the background intensify and culminate at the end. Additionally, the lead singer’s voice suddenly becomes an instrument as a part of the landscape of sound at the end; it’s very interesting!

An addictingly intense track, wonderfully composed with various sounds chiming in all the time, and the first track to really get me out from my educationally-based musical oblivion.

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