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Earth Art pt. II

My previous blog post in March, dubbed Earth Art with Google Maps—about finding and showing interesting and artful satellite views of remote areas of our blue planet—had an very overwhelming response. Literally thousands of clicks from interested people made it clear that this is something that a lot of people find fascinating. And now that it’s Earth Day, and what better time to stop and take yet another look at some of the wonders our nature can create? Continue reading →

Earth Art with Google Maps

When we look at maps or satellite pictures, we usually have a pretty good idea of how our world looks and what it should look like. And what we see on pictures of the Earth from outer space echoes our understanding of this by showing forests, mountains or fields. Familiar stuff. But the planet is vast, and so is the array of satellite pictures from obscure and scarcely visited corners of our world—and all of them can be found on Google Maps, if you look the right places. And so I did, and I collected 19 abstruse satellite views. Continue reading →