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When Tweet Nest exploded

Remember the Twitter archive project I finished back in June? Tweet Nest? Yes? Well, a little over a week ago, 3 months after its release, word suddenly spread about it on Twitter. It happened quickly, and suddenly hundreds of people were checking it out, installing it on their own servers and generally having fun with it. This is a pretty awesome thing!

However, with the attention always comes new ideas, new questions and new problems. I will try to address the most common here. Continue reading →

Two Twitter Twools

Yesterday, I released something I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s a Twitter-related project; it’s called Like it? Tweet it! and stems from a certain annoyance I’ve had for a long time: the general state of “Tweet this” buttons across the internet. This is a blog post about that, and another cool project as well. Continue reading →