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The best songs & albums of 2010

2010 has been a year where I’ve continued to enjoy listening to great music, and being adventurous in seeking out new stuff I might be interested in. Thus, I’ve been introduced to a lot of new music this year, and so it is only natural for me to make a list over the music I enjoyed the most during 2010, just like I did last year. Continue reading →

Thursday is Danish Music Day

At the end of every day of October, for the past 10 years, there’s been a day in Denmark that celebrates the music that we put out and give to the world. A day where the radio stations only play music composed and performed by people from Denmark. You might say that doing this is thinking a little highly of ourselves, but I do think we have a splendid music scene in the country at the moment and we need to cherish that.

Yet, unfortunately I don’t often see this music being noticed in other communities than our own little area of the world, so I would like to celebrate this day by tweeting an awesome Danish track every hour of Thursday, October 28th. This is a total of 24 tracks being shared with you over the course of the day. Continue reading →

When Tweet Nest exploded

Remember the Twitter archive project I finished back in June? Tweet Nest? Yes? Well, a little over a week ago, 3 months after its release, word suddenly spread about it on Twitter. It happened quickly, and suddenly hundreds of people were checking it out, installing it on their own servers and generally having fun with it. This is a pretty awesome thing!

However, with the attention always comes new ideas, new questions and new problems. I will try to address the most common here. Continue reading →

Musical half time

Now that we’re in July, the first 6 months of 2010 has passed. And in just six months, a lot can happen. A wide range of musical artists have put something cool out there during these 182 days, and I just can’t wait ‘til the end of the year where I get to put it all in a list. So let’s take a sneak peek at who I think have been really awesome in music in the first half of 2010. A look at what cool stuff has been bubbling up from under the surface into sheer music awesomeness. Continue reading →

Two Twitter Twools

Yesterday, I released something I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s a Twitter-related project; it’s called Like it? Tweet it! and stems from a certain annoyance I’ve had for a long time: the general state of “Tweet this” buttons across the internet. This is a blog post about that, and another cool project as well. Continue reading →

Earth Art pt. II

My previous blog post in March, dubbed Earth Art with Google Maps—about finding and showing interesting and artful satellite views of remote areas of our blue planet—had an very overwhelming response. Literally thousands of clicks from interested people made it clear that this is something that a lot of people find fascinating. And now that it’s Earth Day, and what better time to stop and take yet another look at some of the wonders our nature can create? Continue reading →

Earth Art with Google Maps

When we look at maps or satellite pictures, we usually have a pretty good idea of how our world looks and what it should look like. And what we see on pictures of the Earth from outer space echoes our understanding of this by showing forests, mountains or fields. Familiar stuff. But the planet is vast, and so is the array of satellite pictures from obscure and scarcely visited corners of our world—and all of them can be found on Google Maps, if you look the right places. And so I did, and I collected 19 abstruse satellite views. Continue reading →

The Right Word I

Sometimes, even the smallest and most ridiculous little language issues can annoy the living soul out of me. Thus, I aim to write some short blog entries where I try to feverishly pin down the differences between various words that are alike, in a way that makes it clear. This is the first one, where I try to break down the differences in the words chance, probability and risk. Check it out! Continue reading →

Best music of 2009

Over the past year, I’ve been enjoying music more than ever, and so it has been natural for me to make a list over the music I enjoyed the most during 2009. In the following, I list both what I think are the 40 best songs and what I think are the 20 best albums of last year. Check it out! Continue reading →

A beginning

This first blog post is a story of how I postponed this blog almost a year, what a visual blog is and why I like to create culminations of design and content. Every blog starts somewhere. This is where mine starts. Continue reading →